Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Majority of People Don't Believe in God

I don't believe that we should pay too much attention to the majority. History proves again and again that the majority is wrong. But, the following is a cute argument which shows why the majority doesn't believe in god.

First, we just need to establish something. There are a lot of potential gods: Jewish, Christians, Muslim, Hendew, etc. Moreover, those who believe in god, believe in their own god, and believe that the other religion gods are not real. So if you take the following numbers:

Christians: ~2 billion
Hinduism/Chinese/Buddhism: ~1.5
Islam: ~1.5
Rest: ~1.5

You end up with:
4.5 billions who don't believe in the christian god
5 billions who don't believe in the eastern god(s)
5 billions who don't believe in the islamic god

So, being secular, you are actually in the majority on most faith issues ...


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